Sunday, March 17, 2013

Cat Rabies Problems

Cat Rabies Problems: Cat rabies problems usually occur when they are bitten by an infected dog, cat, skunk, fox, raccoon or any other wild or domestic animal. Rabies is a fatal disease that is found in nearly all warm blooded animals.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Learn How to Listen to your MLM Network Marketing Lead

Before we begin this lesson on listening, keep this important fact in mind. Your MLM network marketing lead is a person. He or she has dreams, goals, desires, fears, worries, troubles... the full range of wonderful and wild emotions that make us all human.

Chances are high that your MLM network marketing lead will not share his or her emotions with you openly. Chances are equally high that his or her emotions will play a major role in their decision as to whether or not they join your opportunity.

You have to listen ...really listen... to "hear" what he or she is not saying.

Active listening, taught in some self-study courses, is where you make a conscious effort to hear not only the words that your mlm network marketing lead is saying, but more importantly, to try and understand the total message being sent.

When speaking with your MLM network marketing lead, pay very close attention.

- Don't allow yourself to become distracted by what else may be going on around you.
- Don't form counter arguments in your mind that you want to make when your mlm network marketing lead stops speaking.
- Don't try to second guess what your mlm network marketing lead might say next.

Focus, focus, focus... on exactly what your mlm network marketing lead is saying.

Acknowledge what he or she is saying. Acknowledgement can be something as simple as a nod of the head or a simple "uh huh" indicating that you are listening.

Also, an occasional question or comment to recap (by paraphrasing) what he or she has said can communicate that you understand the message as well. For example, "What I'm hearing is..." -- or -- "Sounds like you are saying..."

Ask questions to clarify certain points. "What do you mean when you say..." -- or -- "Is this what you mean?"

As the listener, our personal filters, assumptions, judgments and beliefs can distort what we hear. Your role is to understand what your mlm network marketing lead is really saying.

By becoming a better listener, you will improve; all of your relationships (business and personal), your ability to influence, persuade and negotiate ...and even more important, you'll avoid conflict and misunderstandings.